Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SmartKiddies Mathematics

SmartKiddies Mathematics is an Australian based mathematics resource that is free and includes many different resources. These include the following....

Teacher/School Lessons
  • FREE Access
  • Unlimited Student accounts
  • Over 1500 Lessons
  • No obligations or hidden costs.

  • Full class access during school hours
  • 24 hour teachers access
  • 24 hour student access to homework and other activities
  • Complete curriculum
  • 500+ Interactive tasks
  • 200+ Video lessons
  • 250+ Assessments
  • 1000+ printed worksheet variations
  • 100+ interactive maths challenges
  • Mathethon fundraiser
  • Online Smiley face progress charts
  • Course selection
  • Mathematics Dictionary
  • Posters
  • Awards and certificates
  • One on one warm-up battles
  • Electronic whiteboard resources
  • Standardised testing and reporting
  • Student task allocation


  1. I would recomend this site to all teachers. It helped me to improve our maths skills. It was alot of fun, We really enjoyed it!! Grade 4TS

  2. I love the way they incourage kids to do maths in a fun way!From Gene'

  3. we liked smart kiddies because it was lots of fun and it should be good for teacers and it helped us in math!!!!!!!

  4. smart kiddies is realy good because it is exercising for your brin
    Alyssa Paris

  5. I think that it is great for teaches and kids older than 5 and I think you should try it from Daniel and matthew

  6. I realy liked smartkiddies because it teaches you more math and I am much smarter now

  7. we personaly think that all teachers and students should use smartkiddies.We learnt alot
    of maths and got better results.It was fun while learning new things.from Garion and Tyler

  8. We recomend smartkiddies for all ages. smartkiddies helped me with my mathmentels.Smartkiddie has lots of fun.

    Liam and Mitch

  9. We realy enjoyed going on smart kiddies and we realy learned alot in times,addition and take-away's we can easily just do sums like 5 times12 it's easy now.

  10. I think that smart kiddies is a realy good learning website because they do mathamatic games!

    from kayla and Eliza