Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Choosing a blog host

Choosing an appropriate blog host is the first step in establishing your own classroom blog. There are several options which are free and some that do cost a small amount of money.
A couple of free options are Google's 'blogger' and Edublogs 'Free'. A further option is to install wordpress on your own domain.
The cheapest and most effective option for me was Edublogs Pro. Since I didn't have my own domain this was the only option available to me that would be accessible to my students at school. Due to the school internet filter all 'blogspot' blogs are blocked, where as Edublogs are not.
Edublogs was about $43 dollars Australian for a years subscription. It is a wordpress based blog. Pro enables you to remove adds from your blog. Below is a table from the Edublogs website that explains the differences between different types of blogs.

To see a table explaining the differences between the three different versions of Edublogs follow the link below...

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