Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr. Baldock's Classroom Blog

Last week I launched my Classroom Blog for my current year 3 class. It is something I've been wanting to do for some time and I'm glad that I have. It has many positive outcomes for students already. The biggest being a motivational tool for writing and collaborating with their peers about their learning.

As a learning tool blogging is a great opportunity for the students to create content, share, reflect on their learning, extend their knowledge and collaborate with others. Students in my class will have the opportunity to post reports or reflections about their work. Using the internet students will have opportunities at school or at home (if internet access is available) to collaborate with their peers, and have opportunities to work with students from other classes, schools or even countries.

Blogging will enable students to have fun while improving their literacy, numeracy and ICT (Information Communication Technology) skills. It is also a great opportunity to establish early appropriate online behaviours.

Over the coming weeks I plan to blog about how I went about setting up my blog and the resources I use with in it.

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  1. Hi Scott
    I linked to your blog site while I was looking for Mab Block resources. I am also starting up a blog - for slightly different reasons than yours - and noticed that no one seems to have left any comments at this time. I know what this feels like to get no comments which can lead you to assume that means no one is reading your hard work and passionate discoveries.(which may or may not be true). I also have discovered the video clips about learning that you have posted up through convoluted connections that I couldn't explain to myself let alone another person. So I just wanted to let you know that someone HAS found your blog (besides your class) and that it will take time to get it reflecting the things that are MOST important to you now, while balancing content that is attractive to your potential audience. It has also reminded me that I should get back to writing quality stuff in my blog too. :) Keep up the great sharing and all the best from another teacher.